Imagine a very large blank canvas. One that stretched the entire span of the Ko’olau mountains. Imagine that canvas was created for and visible only to teachers. Imagine, slowly, intentionally, teachers begin to paint their stories, their ideas and ideals on that canvas. They’d come as they are, where they are and share without fear of judgment from other teachers or those outside of the profession. Imagine if 10,000 teachers told their story on this canvas. How magnificent, chaotic, but beautiful the canvas would be. What we’d probably find is that every teacher’s story is unique but similar to countless others. We’d find opportunities for collaboration, learning and growth in ways that were not possible prior. We’d find unity. We’d find strength. We’d find hope. This space, the Hawaii Distance Learning Forum, is that canvas. E Komo Mai.

Our Favorite Quote:

It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.

- Harry S. Truman


Our Culture